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August 10, 2011


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Oh fun! I have a back yard filled with birds, but it's always a treat to find a feather that was left behind. :) As for inspiration, sometimes I just need to clear my head. Cleaning house is a great kickstarter for me. So is a hike. But I know what you mean. And can't wait to see what you're kicking around in your head!

That's definately a jay feather. But I don't think it's a blue jay. Blue jays have barring on their flight feathers. That looks more like a Steller's Jay. Nice find, very pretty! :D

Thank you Brenda and Bri! Bri, haha...I must admit I don't know my birds like I'd like to...all I knew is that it's blue and we call them blue jays...they like to steal the cat's food! My son found another the other day...so pretty!

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